The Anusara courses are mainly based on the 10-card system. You can participate flexibly in all ongoing courses, Drop ins are welcome.

Honor-Based Tuition

I have created an honor-based, tiered pricing model to help accommodate different financial circumstances. Consider what you can afford and also how often you plan to attend classes to adjust tuition to your needs and level of participation. All levels have access to the same information and services.

Please contribute what you can in order to support and sustain your ongoing learning. I recognize that everyone has different economic situations so choose according to what makes sense for your pocket.

Group classes

10 pass card: 180€                                      (valid for 6 months)

10 pass card:  160 €                                        (valid for 4 months)

Gentle Yoga class              (Yoga for seniors)

10 pass card:

Full Price: 170 €
Assisted:   150 €


Trial lesson:

12 €

Lesson unit:

20 € (Drop in)

Private classes

Full Price: 80 €
Assisted:   60 €



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