About anusara®

Fun  classes with a therapeutic approach.

Anusara is a specialized form of postural yoga (Hatha Yoga) that uniquely integrates deep spiritual teachings and precise principles of alignment into the practice. It is a mixed of yoga postures, alignment principles and self-inquiry or meditation practices.

At the heart of Anusara Yoga we find its life-affirming principles of embracing (what I like to call) the roller coaster of life with all its ups and downs, we learn to embrace it instead of running from it. We learn to take yoga outside the yoga mat, into our day to day life. Anusara Yoga provides students with a solid foundation in the ancient non-dual philosophy of yoga.

Anusara is also a community (Kula) of students and teachers who are deeply connected to the essence of yoga.  The emphasis on the embodiment of life and its profound philosophical teachings are designed to open the practitioner’s heart to all its possibilities, creating a connection of body, mind and spirit.  

Why Anusara?

Anusara Yoga is an alignment based yoga. It promotes creative freedom and individuality while teaching within a precise methodology called the Universal Principles of Alignment™. These alignment principles bring attention to  the physical body. Students learn how to properly align the body as well as develop strength, vitality and a clearer understanding of how the body works in order to master life’s challenges.

Anusara Yoga also inspires through life-affirming themes. As a teacher we weave an inspirational heart theme into each class, helping students to connect the physical practice with a deep feeling of self-inquiry. Themes are often rooted in deep spiritual principles that are expressed throughout each class, making the practice both a joyful and an inspirational experience.

What to expect in a class?

Each class utilizes a heart theme and supportive physical alignment that accentuates its expression through the poses. This makes the classes fluid, safe and fun.

Classes begin with an introduction of the heart theme for the class and a centering alignment that often includes chanting of “OM” and/or the Anusara Invocation. Then we begin to  warm-up and then progressive into a sequences of poses.  Classes take the students deep into the feeling sensations of each pose and sequence, so as to integrate body-mind with heart and spirit. Once a peak pose is reached the class winds down into an extended rest period and meditation. Students leave class refreshed, challenged and inspired.

Some of the benefits of practicing Anusara Yoga

  • Anusara classes are inspiring and uplifting.

  • Precise alignment principles make the practice safer for students of all levels.

  • You will learn how to recognize your intrinsic goodness and how to see goodness in others.

  • You will learn to deepen your yoga practice in a way that enhances your connection to self and liberates your artistic expression from inner body to the outer world.

  • You will learn that opening to Grace and creating steadiness will help carry you through life’s challenges, on and off the mat.

“I have been attending yoga classes taught by Letizzia for many years now and I cannot express how impressed I am with her instruction and the overall experience. Letizzia is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled yoga instructor who truly embodies the essence of the practice.
From the moment I step into her class, I feel welcomed and at ease. Letizzia’s teaching style is both challenging and compassionate, pushing me to my limits while always reminding me to honor my body’s needs and limitations. Her instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow, and she makes sure to provide modifications for every pose so that everyone in the class could feel comfortable and confident.
What really stood out to me was the way Letizzia incorporated mindfulness and breathwork into the class. Her cues were thoughtful and deliberate, and I found myself able to sink deeper into each pose as I focused on my breath and let go of any distractions. By the end of the class, I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated, both physically and mentally.
Overall, I would highly recommend Letizzia’s yoga class to anyone looking for a transformative and uplifting experience. Her expertise and passion for yoga shine through in every aspect of her teaching.” — Sanju


“I started to practice Yoga with Letizzia 10+ years ago. I appreciated her very much as an eloquent and experienced teacher, so much that I followed her to her then new studio outside of town. She taught me right from the beginning how to be „aligned“, as alignment is key for the Anusara Yoga practice. Engagement of the muscles and concentric spiraling lead to the right posture and protect the body during the practice. Letizzia gives a lot of importance to explaining how the anatomy of the body works. She is always eager to guide her students step by step with exercises culminating into the final pose. I feel that I can join any yoga class now because I built strength and I know how to protect my body from any injury. Letizzia, you are a great teacher! Thank you 🙏🏼” –Sirine